Wit Watch: New Digital Shelter Magazine for "Nesting Newbies"

"For a Home Tweet Home" is the cover tag line for the new digital shelter magazine Nesting Newbies.  The vision is certainly young and current, aiming to combine "......a traditional magazine format with the new social media trend of original online videos and blogs to present a cross-platform experience for 'nesting newbies,' the site’s target audience of those who are new to nesting and have no clue when it comes to cooking, entertaining, and decorating. Cooking and decorating enthusiasts will also enjoy the original ideas being presented."  

Looking through the Winter issue, (their second) it feels a bit like a hipper, younger  Better Homes & Gardens with  accessible entertaining, cooking and home design stories. I especially liked the interpretation feature on the spectacularly designed San Francisco Dining By Design tables for DIFFA. One of my favorite design events! Produced by McIntosh & Murphy  and edited by its co-founder Jodi Murphy, the model seems  poised to take full advantage of the reader technology headed our way.  What do you think of Nesting Newbies? Does it feel like another sign of the "old guard" (print home magazines) being phased out? 

Photo: Nesting Newbies

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  1. Thanks for the blog love! Stay tuned - our third issue, Spring 2010, is on the way!